No Demolition Job Is To Small...

LFX takes pride in quality and safety. We ensure health and safety precautions are met to the highest standard, whilst providing excellence in workmanship and service.

LFX knows and understands that demolition involves many hazardous repercussions. It requires special skill so that neighbouring structures, important wiring and piping, etc are not damaged during the demolition process.

All of our employees are fully trained and aware of all types of danger involved in building demolition work. Our team undertake all necessary safety precautions and we are in control of any potential problems.

Years of experience provide LFX with an understanding and anticipation of our customers’ needs before we commence a project. Our priority is to ensure you are comfortable with the entire demolition process, as each customer is an individual and every project is a unique one. We will accommodate and assist our customers with any issues and queries, making it simple and hassle-free for you; and to ensure the success of your project.

  • Commercial & Residential Demolition
  • Tenancy Upgrades
  • Tenancy Split / Space Changes
  • End of Lease, Strip Back and Make Good
  • Asbestos Removal